Walkabout Worlds

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What Are Walkabout Worlds?

Have you every looked at a photo of some place cool and wished you could see just a little bit more? Maybe look around a corner, or walk through a door and see what is in the next room? With Walkabout Worlds you can. Walkabout Worlds are miniature virtual worlds based on real world places. You can walk around in them. You can look whatever direction you want (Try some out here). They are easy to make and easy to share on the web. Imagine all the areas this could useful:

Real Estate- Imagine trying to buy a house and being able to walk through dozens of homes without leaving your living room.

Travel- Imagine coming across someplace really cool and being able to capture what it is like to walk through that place.

Events- Imagine being able to show off the venue for an event that you are holding

Business- Imagine being able to let people check out your place of business online

Home Improvement- Imagine being able to show your friends far away your latest renovation project.

You no longer need to be limited to a few static pictures to capture the experience of being someplace.

Try Some Out

Want to see what we mean? Try one out by clicking on one of the images below.

Is it hard to make a Walkabout World?

Not at all. All you need is a smart phone or a camera that can take 360 degree panoramas (Don't know how to take 360 panoramas? Click here). Then you just need to go someplace cool and take a bunch of panoramas. After that, the Walkabout Worlds online editor walks you through a few easy steps to combine your panoramas into your very own miniature virtual world that you can share with your friends, family, or clients.

When will Walkabout Worlds be available?

Walkabout Worlds has completed initial prototype development and we are currently looking for investors to help us make it production ready and bring it to market. If you have questions or are interested in investing or would like us to create a demo Walkabout for you using your own 360 panoramas, please contact us at walkaboutworlds@gmail.com

Will Walkabout Worlds work with virtual reality head sets?

Yes, it will in the near future. Currently our focus has been on getting it to work on the web, so that the most people possible can enjoy the experience. But we believe virtual reality viewers are the future of interactive media and so have designed our software with this future in mind.

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